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imagine what it will feel like to wake up feeling ready for your day; prepared with personalised tools to calmly welcome stress and change. while also feeling confident to embrace challenges & the demands of working, working remotely, or spending more time in isolation while on leave, with acceptance & enjoyment.

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as we move through unprecedented times it is essential we allocate even more time daily for our wellness, movement, mood and mindset. below you will find specific sections with FREE resources and downloads for you to KICK START your working remotely Elevate Your Spirit and Wellness toolkit.

drawing from scientifically-proven techniques and industry best practice, your wellness program tips and tools will provide you with practical skills, as you discover many of the common barriers too committed utilisation of wellness habits through periods of excess stress. Together we will have you walking away with a toolkit that resonates personally to your lifestyle needs, and filled with preventative strategies for implementing healthier coping mechanisms stress, anxiety, burnout, pressure, and overwhelm.

We’d recommend scheduling activities in morning, noon and night (even 5mins can have a huge shift in your energy) to support your nervous system and keep you active and your brain activated with all this ONLINE stimulation. BE SURE to CHECK here regularly as LOTS more working remotely support, tips, tools and playtivities are coming.

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  • Stay calm and connected through COVID chaos
  • Creating healthy routines and habits at home
  • Movement, Mateship & Money Matters Made Simple
  • Kindness … Is the Opposite to Stress!
  • Sleep Well, Better and All Night Through
  • Loneliness – The Modern Health Epidemic
  • Understanding & Moving Through Grief and Loss
  • Balancing Work, Life and Parenting through change
  • Elevate Your Mindset, Mood and Motivation
  • Press Play – Practical & Fun Ways To Parent through COVID-19
  • Finding Purpose in Uncertain Times
  • Leading teams remotely through change and COVID-19
  • Financial Wellness and The Psychology of Money
  • Live Life and Thrive with Digital Wellness
  • Mastering Online Mateship with Laid Back Men’s Groups
  • 5 Whys To Improving Wellness
  • Clear Your Mind with Meditation and Mindfulness
  • Radical Self Care Accountability – No Excuses, No Apologies
  • Elevate Your Energy & Confidence in Under 5min
  • Choosing Authentic Connection Over Criticism
  • Plan, Prepare, Prioritize Your Health, Relationships & Happiness
  • Press Play on Practical Mental Health Elevation


Over the last 10 years Kyla has coached and consulted for many of Australia’s Top Tier Corporates, Community Sector NFP’s, Government and Councils, and Educational Institutions, including OneVue. Her work disrupts the norms to create sustainable leadership and wellness change, from the inside, out with a huge dose of science backed positivity and play.

Based on the principles of healthy and happy lifestyles, kindness, presence, acceptance, creativity and self awareness, her coaching sessions will empower you to become a self led wellness intrapreneur. Working with Kyla will have you feeling clear headed, resilient through change and supported to take action with confidence, clarity, calm and control.  

Each session provides you with a clear direction and step by step methodology.

Creating an internal environment and plan to support you to cope with stress, choose healthy behaviours and deal with any communication breakdown directly, to delivering a deep sense of peacefulness and pride.

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Karen has worked in the Fitness Industry for over 30 years and is passionate about helping people to have a better quality of life by education and motivation. EVERYBODY can be a better version of themselves! The most important lesson to learn is that getting your body into peak condition can be fun:  exercise is not a chore – it is a necessity.

You can be assured that you are in the care of an educated, caring and qualified Professional who gets results. Commit 100% to her training programmes and you will change your body AND your life.

Clientele range in age from 16 years to 70+ years with conditions including Obesity, Diabetes II, Depression, Injuries (workplace/chronic), Stress Related, Muscular Weakness, Post Operative, Pregnancies and numerous ailments that result from a poor lifestyle. Karen is trained to help you turn your life around and to become a stronger, happier person.

Meet Sam Parker, Men’s Mental Health Advocate and the Founder of Grab Life By The Balls. 

His mission is to champion the positive and proactive benefits of mateship for men’s mental health creating a cultural shift in Australia, building connection in a space without judgement or expectation to change, which naturally leads us to want to change.  

Sam’s coaching draws on a combination of personal development, peak performance principles, sports psychology and positive psychology research, all delivered in a matter of fact, laid back, Aussie bloke way. Supporting to transform rather than tell, as you determine practical tips and skills to implement which will improve your health, relationships and life. 

These sessions help you to break through the underlying cause of what is holding you back; get clear on what’s most important to you, and unlock your inspiration and self-responsibility, as you move towards a vision you never thought was possible.


Lifeline is a national charity providing all Australians experiencing a personal crisis with access to 24 hour crisis support and suicide prevention services, including call and text. You can ask us for help and support on 13 11 14 if events or experiences in your life are causing you a lot of stress. If your life is in immediate danger, always call triple zero (000). 


be sure to pop back here regularly as we will be adding useful content, team challenges and lots more amazing ways to support you along your path

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