Wellness Program & L&D Ideas

No matter what you’re after, Domain Group has your wellness and training needs covered.

Elevate Your Resilience Coach Training

Imagine the embracing culture of a workplace with emotionally intelligent leaders, in tune with their teams and equipped to proactively and appropriately support their wellness needs.

Elevate Your Resilience Team Workshops

Imagine what it will feel like starting each day knowing how you feel, think, and respond is completely in your hands, and achieved through your choices to embrace each experience you have.

Connection & Wellness Made Simple

We deliver bespoke cultural connection and wellness programs. Each program is designed around industry best practice and grounded in science-backed theory. 

Elevate Your Teams Wellness Quarterly

Within the first 12months many clients start with a light handed approach to wellness. Our quarterly themed programs are designed specifically for this opportunity, while creating a sustainable impact.

Annual Tailor Designed Programs

Wellness Programs become highly regarded staff incentive, placing Domain Group at the forefront of Connected Cultures of Wellness, with online capability and national delivery.

Domain Group Tailored Storytelling

Creativity goes hand in hand with sales innovation; there is no innovation without creativity. While creativity is the ability to produce new and unique ideas, innovation comes in the storytelling.

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