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CCNB wellness program

imagine what it will feel like to wake up feeling ready for your day; prepared with personalised tools to calmly welcome the current changes and still provide exceptional client delivery. while also feeling confident to embrace challenges & the demands of working remotely with acceptance, clarity & focus, 


‘Gratitude’. ‘Positivity’. ’Mindfulness’; are all words we hear seemingly daily, but what do they really mean, and how can their genuine application be implemented during times of social distancing, isolation and a global crisis. Decades of research in the fields of neuroscience, psychology, and economics provide irrefutable evidence of the positive impact of movement, meditation, emotional intelligence and healthy lifestyle habits, igniting a deeper sense of support, peacefulness and calm confidence.

Drawing from scientifically-proven techniques and industry best practice, this page will provide you with a toolkit of practical skills to stay well, stay connected. I would encourage you to schedule some time to review everything on here, choose some things which resonate personally to your lifestyle needs, and then design a personal schedule of preventative strategies for implementing healthier coping mechanisms for working from home stress, anxiety, pressure, and overwhelm. 

meet kyla tustin

Over the last 10 years Kyla has coached and consulted for many of Australia’s Top Tier Corporates, Community Sector NFP’s, Government and Councils, and Educational Institutions, including OneVue. Her work disrupts the norms to create sustainable leadership and wellness change, from the inside, out with a huge dose of science backed positivity and play.

Based on the principles of healthy and happy lifestyles, kindness, presence, acceptance, creativity and self awareness, her coaching sessions will empower you to become a self led wellness intrapreneur. Kyla’s tools and sessions will have you feeling clear headed, resilient through change and supported to take action and fulfil your role with confidence, clarity, calm and control.

Each sessions provides you with a clear direction and the know how and step by step methodologies to create an internal environment and plan to support you to cope with stress, choose healthy behaviours and deal with any communication breakdown directly to deliver high performance with a deep sense of peacefulness and pride.

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workshop + webinar resources

CLICK the images below to DOWNLOAD your wellness workshop and webinar resources. Inside you will find your Stay Well, Stay Connected tools including your stress signs and symptoms, a partnership agreement tools to create a calm home life + details on how to activate an ELEVATED intention daily to support you to wake up happy & energised. Within the powerpoint there are lots of 1min and 10mins tips to elevate your mood and mindset throughout the day. 

additional free wellness tools + classes

as we move through unprecedented times it is essential we allocate even more time daily for our wellness, movement, mood and mindset. below you will find specific sections with FREE resources and downloads for you to KICK START your working remotely Stay Well, Stay Connected toolkit. We’d recommend scheduling activities in morning, noon and night (even 5mins can have a huge shift in your energy) to support your nervous system and keep you active and your brain activated with all this ONLINE stimulation. BE SURE to CHECK here regularly as LOTS more working remotely support, tips, tools and playtivities are coming.