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We curate and deliver bespoke wellness events and transformative cultural partnerships. Our solutions are playful, practical, and evidence-based catalysts for sustainable behaviour change.


creating connected cultural events since 2010

Loneliness is predicted to become our next major global health epidemic.

As stress, social isolation, and burnout continue to increase, we need to choose new ways to connect on purpose. This means igniting each individual’s unique creative potential and empowering teams to drive sustainable behaviour change from the inside, out.

Together, let’s future-proof the most valuable assets we have; our people, our culture, and our wellbeing.


let's connect on purpose

Connection is not a new concept but the level of disconnect people, business, and communities are experiencing is.  

We believe in old school ways of connecting, creating real opportunities, with real people sharing everyday life together.  

Our MeetUps, Playrooms and Events are a fun and simple way of discovering new ways to connect, lead, love and slow down in a world that is going faster and faster. 

what is the key to health + happiness?

If you answered fame and money, you’re not alone. According to Harvard Medical School Professor and Psychiatrist Dr Robert Waldinger, Director of the longest study on adult life and happiness, you’re mistaken. Unprecedented longitudinal data on true happiness and satisfaction now unequivocally proves that CONNECTION IS THE KEY.

we deliver interactive cultural wellbeing experiences, igniting engagement + connection

Our tailor designed client programs draw from over 16 years of experience in facilitating immersive and experiential workshops and team building solutions.

Each unique experience is curated with play at its core to create a more innovative, engaged, and happy purpose-driven workforce.

the connection catalysts team

We not only LOVE what we do … we live, lead, breathe, and embody CONNECTION, and play.

Kyla Tustin

Kyla Tustin

Director + Chief Play Officer

Project X Events

Project X Events

Event EXtraordinaires

Michael Stone

Michael Stone

HSG Founder + Wellness Partner

our clients

Connection Catalysts are great content creators and facilitators. Our sessions provided useful tools for our team that are unique, relevant and simple to implement. What a way to kick start a focus on yourself, great, great, great sessions, clear and enthusiastic. Thank you.

Head of HR, Walt Disney Australia

With the Optus conference, we wanted to energise the crowd and change their mindset. Tommy’s dance workshop, with his boundless energy and optimism, illuminated the room. Within moments we had 400 co-workers laughing, smiling and of course dancing. If you want to challenge the status quo and open minds, Tommy is a key ingredient.

Managing Director, Tricky Jigsaw

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